Are you ready to see serious shifts in your life? Ready to let go of limiting beliefs, patterns or hurts that hold you back from living the full life you know you came here to live? I see you, beautiful soul and I know that by having the spark of this desire within you, you have already started your journey.

In one year, my life took a 180 degree turn: I ended my marriage, embarked on my journey from Catholicism to fully embodying my feminine sexuality, left my job which did not serve me, and awakened my consciousness through deep healing of childhood wounding, including recovering from childhood sexual abuse and my parents divorce. To this day, I continue healing and stepping into my highest timeline. I live independently and have started my own business. I am truly grateful for all my blessings and lessons.

I am ready to help you discover how much there is to be grateful for in your life. I am ready to help you see and leap into your highest possible timeline. I look forward to seeing you in your abundance, sovereignty and freedom!

I now offer one-on-one coaching for individuals who are ready to break free from the standard template life that no longer serves them. If you are ready to question your limiting beliefs, release what no longer serves you, and step into the luscious, abundant, and sensual life that you know you came here to live, know that I believe in you. You are reading this for a reason – something within your soul has sparked this desire and I’m ready to help catapult you into your dreams. I am happy we are connecting!

Ready to see change in your own life?

Let me offer a helping hand.

Photos by Stephanie Banh and Pauline Szczesniak.

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