Guided Forest Bathing

Guided Forest Bathing is a meditative practice which brings participants to a place of peace, stillness and connection. Specific invitations bring you to a deeper connection with Mother Nature, Self and all that is. The forest and nature are where you can awaken with ease, grace, and depth to the truths within you.

During a facilitated Forest Bathing walk, I offer guided invitations which support a participant in deepening into their own experience of the forest. This practice allows us to find peace and enjoyment in all aspects of reality. One can expect to experience stillness, relaxation, peace of mind, and a heart opening to Self, Mother Nature and all of creation.

What to Expect & Suggestions

  • Typical duration is 3 hours
  • We walk at a relaxed pace and pause for meditation
  • Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated
  • Dress in layers and appropriately for the weather
  • Wear appropriate foot gear
  • You can set an intention for your walk by asking for guidance
  • Enjoy a complimentary tea ceremony to conclude the experience

“Everything about my forest bathing experience with Lucy was sublime. From the carefully picked location, to the sensory meditations, to the lessons about the forest, and to the delicious Cedar and Horsetail tea at the end. I left feeling both refreshed and deeply connected to the natural world.”

— Deirdre Daniel, Toronto Artist

Photos by Pauline Szczesniak.

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